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Big Breast Sandwich Big Breast Sandwich

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

carl's isn't nationwide

next spoof you do, you may want to pick one that people can get. If you have never been to the west coast you have no I dea what a Carl's is and you are wondering why they are using the Hardees star.

Of course I would love to see Karl's "taco"

Beware the Amish v2 Beware the Amish v2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A Great Improvement over the V1

Biker's Rule! (flashers just wish they were as cool)

Gina, You have heard and you have stepped up to the plate. So many could learn from you and rather than complaining about the bad reveiws simply making the improvements and releasing a better version of the original.

Love the eggs, and love the changes you've made. I am sure there will be post telling you o not put the same stuff out there and it still sucks, but take heart in the fact that you have made the changes we asked for and you have put out a quality short.

Yes there is still room for improvement, but for a newbie you have hit this one out of the park! (ok we may still be playing kickball but it was good)

I like the helmets, and the stoppie rocked. I recognize that face from personal experience.

Now why would you ask that nice mennonite woman about Amish preserves? Of course she is going to be mad!

Keep up the good work, and hold your head high, you have just surpassed all sticks and clocks in your level of flash. (Bring it on big boys lets hear what you have to say, prove me wrong, make something that doesnt suck!)

I would love to see you stick with the biker motiff. Become our patron saint of biker flash!

I could go over every point that is so improved here but if you want to know go and see the V1 and read the reviews, it will give you perspective on how much better this production was than the last.

Pat yourself on your back. You've done good.

Rock on.

Beware the Amish Beware the Amish

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Amish Preserves?

I am sure ther was an inside joke on the Amush Preserves but I'm not getting it. My parents went Mennonite for about 5 years growing up, and our neighbors were Amish so I know a little of what I am talking about. The old lady was using Dutch sign language to tell you to go to Intercourse Pa. (Any non revisionist historian can explain that joke to you) On to true help with your movie.

1. The sound machine, get rid of it, it puts you in the wrong mindset for this flick.

2. As stated before that kind of hair would be flpping in the wind. She would have it in a braided pony tail for a real ride as the wind would whip it in her face the entire ride if she didn't.

3. In a video the wheels appear to move the wrong direction. (reverse) In animation it's standard to use the correct motion, you have a mix of media it's up to you to decide which way to go with that.

4. front tire is too big

5. people are off scale (too big)

6. no one's feet are on their pegs, even if his bike has forward controls his feet will be up higher, and the way her feet are they will be stubbs by the time they get there.

7. Remove the non scene shots, as much as an inside joke the cow sink and Village People are it takes away from the tone of the flick.

8. in most of the states that they went through not wearing a helmet will get them arrested and the nike impounded. If they wear full face put them in a shorty for the flick so you can see the faces but always promote safe riding.

9. i like the et reference but they should come up from the botom not down from the top

10. Keep them on the ground, you have them flying through the air alot even on water once. netley creek would fit better if you just saw the torsoes and the bike was cutt out of the scene.

11. When a bike slams on the brakes that way one of two things happen. The rear locks up and you skid to a stop fish tailing until you slow enough to get back in control (or you release the rear brake and reapply) or your rear end goes up in the air and you do a stoppie. My first bike didn't have rear brakes so i did those a lot, they can be fun when you get the hang of them.

12. I know you already got some flak for the pr0n but my issue would be if this if for a biker the drawn on undies are unneeded, At least around here. Boobs are everywhere at the rallies if you want a biker to notice you got to do the full monty.

13. this will be my last point, the size ratio of the bike doesnt need to change on the bridge. not unless they mutate on the way across. The size difference is too little to fit the way you did it.

I look forward to getting your feedback on my feedback. I honestly liked the thing, I'm a little biased to biker flicks, and would honestly like to see more biker stuff, but I will show ways I think will improve just about everything, not that i'm right all the time, but you would be surprised at my batting average.

wooliesock responds:

holy crap. i just wrote a really long responce to your feedback, and the damn thing ate my post! i am not going to sit here and type that whole mess again, so how bout i just email you later with a more thorough reply. :-)
(i can't believe it ate it) :-(

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's not perfect but I like it

it either needs a life bar for saddam and george or we need to know how many hits it takes to take them down. I can wipe out the entire screen but cant beat the boss

Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Rated 4 / 5 stars

needs boundaries

you need to put som boundaries on the game, I got out of the maze on level 3-2 or something, let her fall for a couple of minutes then shut her down.

the flame areas are too tight for this style game, if it was keyboard controled I would allow it but the mouse has a tendacy to click on another screen and kill the angel in the process.

Tactics Core Demo Tactics Core Demo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Best RPG on the portal

You have a winner here, but you already know that.

It's too easy once yo ufigure out the stategy behind it. It needs a few variable levels to make the strategy different.

Daemon is way too powerful, is it even possible for her to die?

So when can we expect to pay 19.95 at EB for the rest of the game?

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